Thursday, 3 November 2016

On-Line Estate Agents....

Much has been said about the 'On-Line Option' over the last couple of years. The advent of high profile, slightly annoying television advertisements has meant that attention has been drawn to another way to sell your home. But, what do you get?

Well, it's no secret that fees can be cheaper with an on-line agent although, nowhere near the 'average savings' that are publicised, however, is this a false economy? On-line listings appear to take longer to sell with the head of one of the largest providers suggesting their average sale time is 10 months. With High Street agents it is calculated at around 2 weeks from marketing to offer at the time of writing. So, yes, the fee may seem cheaper but, is waiting almost a year to get going really an acceptable price to pay?

Secondly, you have in most cases to pay up front. For as long as I can remember agency has worked on a no sale no fee set up. This promotes a pro-active, hard working agency that  know from the outset that if you don't get satisfaction, they don't get paid. In fact, Estate Agency is one of the last resting places of such a service. Where else can you get all of the work that ultimately achieves your goal (the marketing in this case) with no cost to you until the very end and even then, only if you are happy to go through with it? With the on-line option, you part with money up front. That's it, spent and gone. Who then is to say the on-line agent even remembers your property let alone promotes it, pushes it, thinks of a marketing strategy and actively seeks out the right buyer?

Lastly, and it's a biggie, Experience and Knowledge. What credentials does your agent have in your area? Do they know which roads carry the most kudos and which do not. Can they really help buyers over the local school, amenities, shops, bus times and local attractions. I strongly suspect not and it is this that is really a major failing of a national entity over an independent, local company.

Now, about that saved fee...             
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Summer holidays traditionally see a drop in activity from both buyers and sellers. As soon as schools break up many families scoot off to warmer destinations, leaving thoughts of moving home at the bottom of their suitcases.
This spells a quiet period for those already on the market and perhaps creates reservation in those thinking of bringing their home to the market.


Hope is at hand !

Whilst the children play merrily in the sand, carefree Mum & Dad start to talk about...stuff!
It is no surprise that the topic of moving home and the mechanics involved are a hot topic whilst away from home. You can be subjective and detached from your 'slightly too small' apartment or 'slightly too far from the local school' terraced house, and the thought of moving starts to take real shape.
Many of our customers formulate a plan to move whilst away on holiday and this can create an upswing in activity upon their return, bronzed, relaxed and ready to get moving.

So if you are on the market already or thinking about it, things could may just click in to place over the coming weeks.     


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The market this year has carried on where 2015 left off. The supply of homes for sale is down once more (5% on this time last year) and buyers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of choice.
This supply/demand ratio has caused continued movement upwards in prices with some parts of the country seeing a 9%  rise on 2015 already.

The good news for first time buyers is that 100% mortgages are once again available with Barclays announcing a 2.99% fixed deal for those without a deposit. Click Here For Details. As you would imagine, there are strings attached, but it does provide another option to those that may have thought that home ownership was nothing more than a pipe dream.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Applying for a new school.

One of the main concerns for some home movers can be the availability of schools in the area in which they hope to live. Many schools are at capacity and despite moving within catchment, this does not always guarantee a place.

The Government website is the first place to visit, giving you guidelines and timeframes.
It states that Primary school applications need to have been submitted by January 15th, Secondary school by October 31st.

A good tip is to call the school that you are interested in to discuss the current class sizes and general queries over admission. They of course aren't responsible for the decision on admissions but should be able to give you some helpful information.

The Government website can be found Here

Details of schools in Hampshire can be found Here

Admission criteria can be found Here

Friday, 18 December 2015

Moving at Christmas

Moving at Christmas?

Take the stress out with these simple tips

1) Plan ahead. If you leave everything until the last minute you'll not be able to react to an eleventh hour hiccup.
2) Prepare for the worst. What will you do if it snows? have you anyone to look after your children if they are unwell?
3) Pack early. The earlier you are packed and ready the easier it will be to get on with the job of moving out.
4) Let the utility companies know you are moving. Christmas with no gas could prove...testing!
5) Change of address cards. Let everyone know you are off and importantly, where you are off to, otherwise there could be a lot of unwanted Christmas cards at your old address.
6) Make sure you know where you have packed the Christmas presents. No one wants to wait until the last box is relocated to the attic in February for their gifts!

(Courtesy of Rightmove) 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Seasonal Lull - What should I do?

At this time of year the question a number of home sellers ask themselves is
'should I sell now or wait until the new year'

There are a number of arguments for and against and to be honest, the answer is one of personal choice.

At this time of year the viewing numbers can decline as buyers focus on other pressing matters!
BUT, what we do find is that the viewers that are still brave enough to venture out in the wind and rain are genuine about moving. They are motivated, enthusiastic and keen to find the right home for them. These buyers are focused on the task of moving and are exactly the type of prospective  purchaser that we want to introduce to your property.

The statistics from Rightmove below indicate how many people are looking at property around the seasonal period and make interesting reading.

I don't think there is a right or wrong time to sell but it is probably best when it feels right, you are ready to put up with the calls from Eckersley White, and you are sure of your onward move.

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